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Thu, May 13th 2010

England’s Preliminary Squad for 2010

Capello named his provisional squad of 30 players. Amongst them were a few surprises, with inclusions for uncapped Adam Johnson and Michael Dawson, and a recall for Jamie Carragher.

The final squad of 23 must be named by 1 June.

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Mon, August 20th 2007

In a bizarre mix of football and politics, Diego Maradona admitted cheating to beat England in the 1986 World Cup.

In an interview with Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, he says:

“It was too high for me and I stuck out my fist.

However, rather than cheating, it seems it was a statement in the fight against imperialism.

From: Maradona and Chávez laugh over ‘hand of god’ goal on chat show


Thu, August 9th 2007

In a BBC interview, Fifa vice-president has declared his dislike of England and how he will fight to derail England’s World Cup 2018 bid.

“There are moves to give it to England. I must fight that.

“It will be Italy, Spain, or even France who will get the World Cup if it goes to Europe.”

With no disrespect to Italy, Spain or France, but all three of those countries have hosted the World Cup since England, and must be less deserving than other European nations to hold the championships.

Warner goes on to claim that the Concacef should host the tournament, despite one his arguments against England being:

“England invented the sport but has never had made any impact on world football.”


From: BBC



Wed, October 25th 2006

Fifa has revealed that 58% of players who were given treatment for injuries at the World Cup turned out not to be injured.

From: The Sun


Fri, July 21st 2006

Materazzi banned for Zidane insult

FIFA set dangerous precedent

FIFA have announced that Italy defender Materazzi will receive a 2,170 fine and 2 game suspension, and Zidane a 3,260 fine and 3 game ban.

In choosing to punishing the ‘victim’ nearly as strongly as the perpetrator, FIFA have given players a who commit serious foul play a dangerous ‘get out’ by allowiing provocation to be blamed. In Zidane’s case, the provocation does not even seem that great - a verbal insult - that the player must have heard countless times through his career.

FIFA’s attempts (however weak) to remove racism from the game on and off the pitch should be encouraged, but when it transpired that the abuse Materazzi hurled at Zidane was not racist, there seems little grounds for his punishment.

If Materazzi can consider himself unlucky, Zidane must be very pleased. Rooney received an almost equivalent penalty for his red card against Portugal. With Zidane retiring after the World Cup final the 3 match ban is irrelevant, and 3,000 pocket money for a top class (and top paid) footballer.

Former Rangers and Everton attacker Duncan Ferguson received a 3 month jail sentence for assault and a 12 game ban from football for a similar head butt on Raith Rovers defender John McStay in 1994.

As the event happened in the World Cup Final, FIFA could be expected to react in one way or another: to set a severe precedent and impose a stringent penalty, or to try and brush the incident under the carpet and forget about it.

Zidane, probably due to his reputation and the fact he has retired, has got away lightly. Materazzi, probably due to his reputation, has not.


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Tue, July 11th 2006

After an exhaustive study of the match video, and with the help of an Italian translator, Rees claimed that Materazzi called Zidane “the son of a terrorist whore” before adding “so just f*** off” for good measure.

From: The Times


Seems to be corroborated here: The Daily Mail


Mon, July 10th 2006

World Cup losers

A tournament to forget for some...

The World Cup finals can make and break reputations. Who has come off worst this time around.

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Fifa says video replays played no part in France captain Zinedine Zidane’s dismissal in Sunday’s World Cup final.


Referee Horacio Elizondo acted similarly with Wayne Rooney’s sending off earlier in the tournament. He appeared to be taking no action for some time against Rooney before pulling him aside and showing the red card.

Zidane seemed in no doubt he was guilty. He could be seen taking off his captain’s armband some time before being dismissed, but put it back on after the thinking the officials had missed the incident.




Zinedine Zidane has been awarded the Golden Ball as the best player at the World Cup, despite his sending-off in the final last night.



Zidane red card overshadows Italian triumph

Italy 1 - France 1 (Italy win on penalties)

Zinedine Zidane’s career came to a staggering end as he saw red for his brutal head butt on Italian Materrazi.

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