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Fri, January 18th 2008

The Magic of the Cup

Minnows prove that game is not all about money

Conference South side Havant and Waterlooville show the FA Cup is still alive

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Wed, December 20th 2006

Bury have been thrown out of the FA Cup for fielding an ineligible player in their 3-1 second-round replay win over Chester City

From: BBC


Chester will take their place with a home tie against Championship side Ipswich.



Tue, November 14th 2006

Macclesfield will investigate the incident when play was suspended in the FA Cup draw with Walsall after a number of balls were thrown on to the pitch.

About 20 balls were launched from outside the club’s Mose Rose stadium, landing at the Star Lane end.

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Mon, May 15th 2006

Fair play costs West Ham cup?

When another of the exhausted Liverpool players collapsed with cramp in the 89th minute it looked like incredible good grace for West Ham’s Lionel Scaloni to put the ball out of play so that he could receive treatment.

A minute later the ball was in the back of the West Ham net.


Thu, February 23rd 2006

MANCHESTER UNITED and Liverpool have issued a joint statement condemning the fans who attacked the ambulance taking Alan Smith to hospital at the weekend.

“These people aren’t real fans of football,” United and Liverpool said in a joint statement. “Both clubs feel the mindless actions of a few idiots should not overshadow the efforts of all involved to make sure Alan received the best possible treatment as soon as possible.

From: icLiverpool


Reports in several newspapers on Thursday claimed the ambulance was surrounded by people who threw stones and bottles at it and even tried to rock it from side to side.

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Mon, February 20th 2006

Liverpool fans shame at Smith chants

Section of the fans spoil efforts of the majority

It was a great shame to read reports of ‘Liverpool fans singing gleefully about Smith’s injury (Guardian)’ at Anfield yesterday.


Mon, January 9th 2006

The Magic of the FA Cup

Somebody tell Ferguson

While so many lower league teams raised their games and fansí hopes, Manchester Utd once again treated the Cup with disdain.

Firstly, congratulations to all the teams who contributed to one the best 3rd rounds in recent history. From plucky efforts from the non league teams and a great giant killing by Leyton Orient, to some great perfomances from Championship teams against Premiership rivals, most notably Luton and Leicester.

While Burton rightly received enormous praise in the national media for their nil-nil draw with Manchester Utd, Alex Fergusonís choice to field a team of nobodies (again, after Exeter last season) was a huge let down. Until Rooney and Ronaldo came on as subs in the second half, it was a team youíd have been disappointed to see in a pre-season friendly and while Burton will be delighted with money spinning replay it will be a shame for the Burton players not to have been able to compete against Utdís international stars.

One has to wonder why Ferguson did it? Considering the are out of Europe and stand little chance in the Premiership, the FA Cup is their only chance for a major trophy. I cannot believe Ferguson is saving his players for the League Cup, so the depressing conclusion is that finish 2nd (or even 3rd or 4th) in the league is now more important than actually winning the FA Cup.

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