Champions League

Tue, March 7th 2006

GLEN JOHNSON will watch Chelsea’s Barcelona clash on TV tonight after an amazing passport blunder.

The dopey England defender forgot his documents and was sent home while the rest of the squad jetted out from Gatwick on Sunday.

From: The Sun



Wed, February 22nd 2006

Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard has tried to reduce the dispute caused by the quality of Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge pitch by saying, “Chelsea will be affected by the pitch just a much as ourselves ...We are not complaining.”

Barcelona captain Puyol also added: “There are no excuses. We are experienced enough to play on all kinds of surfaces,” but suggested that his team would be affected more.

Unfortunately, former president Joan Gaspart was less content to join his club’s line: “I don’t find it normal and I don’t think it is correct. I am sure it was done with bad intentions.”


Mon, February 20th 2006

Mourinho: “Sometimes you see beautiful people with no brains. Sometimes you have ugly people who are intelligent, like scientists”

“Our pitch is a bit like that. From the top it’s a disgrace but the ball rolls at normal speed.”


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