Mon, August 20th 2007

In a bizarre mix of football and politics, Diego Maradona admitted cheating to beat England in the 1986 World Cup.

In an interview with Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, he says:

“It was too high for me and I stuck out my fist.

However, rather than cheating, it seems it was a statement in the fight against imperialism.

From: Maradona and Chávez laugh over ‘hand of god’ goal on chat show


Wed, August 15th 2007

Cardiff City’s main financial backers have initiated legal proceedings against the club over claims they have not repaid more than £30m in debts.


The Cardiff board has been accused of financial mismanagement, and of misleading the public to the extent of the debt. The £30m sum is the combination of the original £24m loan, plus £6m in interest. The club had indicated that the £24m debt, which was raised when Ridsdale took over from Sam Hamman, had been written off for equity in the club.

Ridsdale has said:

“The statements released… seem to be an ill-informed mixture of fiction and general confusion.”


Ridsdale also claims that the club have been unable to speak to their creditors as they do not know who they are, and that previous chairman Hammam acted as go-between, refusing to reveal their identity.

See: BBC - Cardiff facing court over £30m and Guardian - Ridsdale fights back as Cardiff are hit by writ over £30m debt



Mon, August 13th 2007

Just two days into the new season, and the first managerial sacking has already taken place. Somebody needs to check with the bookies for any ‘irregular betting patterns’...

Carlisle have parted company with their manager Neil McDonald, making him the first managerial casualty of the two-day old season.


From: The Guardian



Thu, August 9th 2007

In a BBC interview, Fifa vice-president has declared his dislike of England and how he will fight to derail England’s World Cup 2018 bid.

“There are moves to give it to England. I must fight that.

“It will be Italy, Spain, or even France who will get the World Cup if it goes to Europe.”

With no disrespect to Italy, Spain or France, but all three of those countries have hosted the World Cup since England, and must be less deserving than other European nations to hold the championships.

Warner goes on to claim that the Concacef should host the tournament, despite one his arguments against England being:

“England invented the sport but has never had made any impact on world football.”


From: BBC



Following up: Take that, Ken Bates

Leeds will begin the new season at the foot of the League One table after their appeal against a 15-point penalty was rejected at a meeting of Football League chairmen.


From: The Guardian


Wed, August 8th 2007

The best close-season transfers

5 to watch for the new season

Some large transfer fees were paid out over the summer. Which new signings will make the biggest difference…

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Fri, August 3rd 2007

Leeds United Ltd 2007 have been granted permission to play in the forthcoming League One season after being assured of their Football League share but must do so with the handicap of a 15-point deduction.


From: The Telegraph - Leeds United handed 15-point deduction


Tevez set to join Manchester Utd

Sorry saga close to an end

The inevitable has finally happened, leaving Tevez free to leave West Ham. The Hammers seem happy with the deal, hoping that the Premier League will now draw a line under the whole shady situation.

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Thu, August 2nd 2007

When asked if he [Van Persie] would be prepared to revert from attractive football to play for a side who won 1-0 every week and earned more trophies, Van Persie replied: “Small chance. The way I see it, I would never give that up. There are only a few teams in Europe who play the way Arsenal play. I will always play for a team where I earn less money but play fantastic football rather than a team where you can earn lots of money and win every week…

“I don’t like to run after people all game long; I like that they run after me.”


Without meaning to slander a whole nation, there’s something very Dutch about that statement. Style counting more than substance.

It’s one thing to say he is prepared to be paid less money to play in the style he wants, but when the amount of money he is earning is so much greater than the fans that are paying his wages who are wanting to win trophies, it sticks in the throat a bit.

From: The Guardian



Fri, July 27th 2007

[Alex Ferguson] admitted that he has no intention of ending his interest in a player he believes will be a crucial addition to his squad.

Ferguson said: “I would imagine that we can all get things done before the deadline, but we would wait for Tevez anyway if we have to. We’ve gone so far now, there’s no point stepping back.


Perhaps, if Ferguson had not fielded a weakened team against West Ham on the final day of last season, he could have relegated the Hammers rather than Sheffield Utd, presumably invoking a release clause in Tevez’s contract.

From: Man United to tough it out for Carlos Tevez - Telegraph


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