Sun, June 11th 2006

Fifa has confirmed that England’s goal against Paraguay on Saturday will go down as a Carlos Gamarra own goal.



England officials will ask Fifa to ensure players get greater access to fluids during games after they suffered in the Frankfurt heat against Paraguay.

Players lost an average of between five and 10lbs and drank huge amounts of water during the 1-0 victory.

But there were times when England staff had difficulty getting water on.

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Sat, June 10th 2006

Early goal gives England win against Paraguay

England 1 - Paraguay 0

An early goal gave England a 1-nil lead in the Frankfurt sun, but they were unable to extend their lead and finished with lacklustre second half performance to give England much to improve on in subsequent games.


Fri, June 9th 2006

The Rooney-Eriksson-Ferguson dispute

United manager isolated in injury row

As more allegations on the Wayne Rooney metatarsal injury saga appear, it has become clear that the relationship between Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson and England coach Sven Goran Eriksson has deteriorated beyond repair. The fear for Rooney is, that so has his relationship with his club manager.

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After the euphoria of Rooney’s scan result, Steven Gerrard brought the nation back down with a bump on Thursday by announcing he was only 50-50 for England’s opener on Saturday. For England to be without their 2 ‘make something happen’ players would leave England counting on set-pieces as their greatest threat. However, better news emerged today from the BBC:

Steven Gerrard is expected to be fit for England’s World Cup opener against Paraguay.


Thu, June 8th 2006

United fail to stop Rooney’s World Cup chance

Man Utd's lawyers on standby

A powerless Manchester United were unable to stop Wayne Rooney rejoining the England camp in Germany last night as yesterday’s scan did not prove that the player was ‘definitely injured’.

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Wed, June 7th 2006

The BBC is reporting that it appears that Rooney has been given the green light to rejoin the England World Cup squad.

The decision was made by a group including United doctor Tony Gill and physio Rob Swire, England team doctor Leif Sward and other specialists.

It is also thought that an independent consultant from Fifa was on hand should there have been any conflict between Rooney’s club and the FA - and it was reported that United lawyers were in attendance.


Rooney flew back to Germany earlier tonight.



Wayne Rooney has undergone a scan on his broken metatarsal to determine whether he will be fit to play in the World Cup.

Club and country doctors are now assessing the results. If the 2 camps disagree on his ability to play an independant doctor may be called on.

A decision is expected today, but may be delayed until tomorrow morning. England have until 2pm Friday to make a decision on whether to replace Rooney with Jermain Defoe.



It’s a difficult ball for goalkeepers, this one moves all over the place. We just have to live with it, but it’s not at all goalkeeper-friendly,’ said England goalkeeper Paul Robinson.

“There’s no stitching whatsoever. It’s two sections glued together and it’s a lot lighter than the Premiership ball. There’s a plastic coating around it and when it’s wet it’s even worse.”

The keeper was not officially supposed to get hold of one of the new balls until yesterday, but had the foresight to order half a dozen of his own at a cost of £420.
From: Guardian


Mon, June 5th 2006

The Sun claims that England’s squad took, among many other items, the following to Germany on Monday:

Styling mousse (24 cans), shampoo (24 bottles), soap (48 bars), vibrating razors (24), electric toothbrushes, Jaffa Cakes (2,300), wasp killer (48 cans), white socks (122 pairs), crisps (several dozen boxes) and a food blender.

From: The Sun via BBC



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